Saturday, November 23, 2013


We went to a wedding today.

It was beautiful, as all weddings are.

The bride and groom desperately in love.  Families gathered from around the country.  Friends congregating, sharing and serving.

Dresses, hairdos, suits, flowers, food, music, dancing, singing, loving, laughter

A sister of our pastor, whom we see mostly at weddings and at some holidays was there with her husband and two beautiful girls.

And my heart was moved. 

Of course she knew about the helicopter crash six years ago but her first question is Elizabeth?  How are you?  I heard Rob had surgery on his shoulder.  How is he doing?  We really enjoyed having Jon and Jill for dinner.  How is it that our little life's events are the subject of conversation in another family circle living 300 miles away?  Somehow we, the Nordbergs, are involved with the Sinclairs and their extended family and I was humbled to think that my life, my concerns, my heartaches , my joys are important to someone I see maybe once a year.  We are connected.

She doesn't know how much her questions and her knowledge about our family meant to me.  God sends just the right people, at just the right time.  Sometimes we are waiting, hoping for that future grace and glory that is to come.  For the joy set before us. 

But sometimes it comes in the here and now

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Anonymous said...

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