Thursday, July 18, 2013

Be Still......

It's a Bible verse.

"Be still and know that I am God...."  Psalm 46 10

But that's the problem.  We have learned to be busy, not still. 

And now we find it difficult to be still.  To be quiet.  To stop.

We are out at the lake this week for a couple of days.  And I have had an opportunity to stop.

Stop the cleaning at the Inn.  Stop the constant nurturing of the vegetables.  Stop the washing machine, the banking, the shopping, the calling, the preparing.......

I still get up early, an internal clock I guess.  But I get my coffee, my Bible, my note pad, and sit on my stone patio above the water and I'm still.  For hours.

This morning was beautiful.  Our "black" water was magnificent.  It looks like a molten looking glass today, flat and calm.  Sometimes it looks like liquid Mercury, all shimmery and silvery, gliding this way and that. Unable to control itself.

This morning my little Blue Jay mom and dad flitted by.  Lighting on this branch and that.  Singing their song to each other and noticing that they were not alone in the space.

The little flock of ducks glided silently by, not a quack or splash, to let me know of their presence.

The sun shimmered off the surface of the lake and as I looked up,  the view of the chartreuse maple leaves against the teal blue sky reminded me that the color combination would be good for my next project.

The intense green of the evergreens and decidious trees around the Flow are spectacular this year.  Lots of rain in the spring, and now the heat of the summer has kicked in.

The Bible tells us that we can know God and sense Him in His creation.  He created all this beauty and we can partake by taking time, looking, reflecting and enjoying all his creative efforts.  I know that I appreciate it when my children tell me how great I have done on a renovation or a new endeavor. I hope I filled my Father's heart with a bit of joy this morning.  He gave me so much pleasure in looking and experiencing his creative effort right here in upstate New York.  It was beautiful, and He made it.  For us, for me.

Jesus prayed for us before he was crucified that our joy would be full.  That is a great inheritance.  I received so much joy this morning looking at all the things he created for my pleasure.  So thankful. 

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