Sunday, March 24, 2013

Best of Both Worlds

We entered the building to soaring sounds of trumpet and organ.

Handel's Trumpet Voluntary, the processional at our wedding almost 41 years ago.

But we were just attending church in Manhattan in the Danny Kaye Theater, and it was a wonderful way to begin our worship that day.  They also, had a magnificent choir that day, performing a piece composed by the choir director and another one arranged by her.  Rob said "heavenly" at the end of the original piece.  And then an insightful sermon from Acts on Cornelius and Peter.  I love to watch the old gentleman who plays the organ each Sunday.  He loves the music he plays and worships right along with the congregation while we sings the hymns.  The service is traditional, inspiring and always enlightens my heart and gives me hope.  Plus, I get to worship together with one of my favorite people, Ethan.  That's a treat!!

But my heart and family are in upstate New York.  Not my flesh and blood family, but family in every sense of the word.

We worship in a big gymnasium, filled with basketball nets and ceramic block.  A stage with heavy scarlet curtains and a band with bases, drums, guitars and keyboards.  It's contemporary.  No bulletins but an intense sense of community, sharing joys and struggles, praying for each other, encouraging the young mothers and children, experiencing the Holy Spirit and loving the Lord.  Our pastor is the dearest, kindest man I know, full of wisdom and counsel.  We have big families in our congregation and loads of babies, continually!  We have students from local universities and we have old people, the group I currently belong to.  And we're alive in upstate NY, listening, listening to the voice of the Lord.

I know I can count on my church family here.  They've come to my home to comfort me, to help me, to scrounge through the basement for props for the musical, to attend Bible Studies and Life groups.  We fellowship over dinners and have bridal showers and baby showers here.  They have loved my children, my sisters and nieces, my folks and in laws.  They have come along side of me for years, when I did dessert night, Women's Ministry and Children's Church.  They have written notes to me when I have been in treatment and when we have been bereaved and when we have been rejoicing.

Yes, I have the best of both worlds. 

I think I may have glimpsed a bit of what we will experience in heaven.

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